Five Songs That Really Made The Movies They Were Made For Great!

Ok, so I have to admit that I am a bit of a soundtrack nut!  What musicians do to make the movies they become a part of, are a ton of fun! A great example is the song that Will Smith (Indepence Day) did for the first Men In Black movie!

And so, I thought that you guys might enjoy these five songs that really made the movies they were made for great!

At 5: Puff Daddy/Led Zepplin Remix for: Godzilla (1998).

4: John Carpenter for: Halloween (1978).

3: Not quite a horror or a sci-fi movie, but never the less a great song that made the movie great: Ben E. King for: Stand By Me (1986)!

And next up, at 2: Brad Fiedel for: The Terminator (1984).

1: G Tom Mac for: Lost Boys (1987).

We hope you enjoyed this list! There are ton of great songs from soundtracks… But these are just a few of the greats!