Five Trailblazing Horror Movies That Would Make The Slasher Movie Genre What It Is Today!

So like all movies, believe it or not, their genres didn’t start with movies that came out a decade ago, (I say that because sometimes I have wondered if some of the people in the world have just decided to forget the classics and just watch the blockbusters from the summer over and over again!)

With that in mind, for you horror fans out there, I thought that if you have ever wondered where the slasher genre came from… I thought that you guys would enjoy these videos for five trailblazing horror movies that would help make horror movie what they are today!

1. Thirteen Women (1932).

This movie is a very early film that discusses what can happen when a disgruntled ex-classmate decides to get revenge! This movie also starred screen legend Myrna Loy (Lucky Night).

2. The Leopard Man (1943).

This movie tells the story of A seemingly tame leopard used for a publicity stunt escapes and kills a young girl, spreading panic throughout a sleepy New Mexico town.

3. The Scarlet Claw (1944).

This movie is a tale of how Sherlock Holmes investigate murders that are being done by a garden claw… A common theme in Slasher movies in decades to come! And this movie starred Basil Rathbone (Queen Of Blood) as the famous detective, ‘Sherlock Holmes’

4. Psycho (1960).

Psycho is when the slasher genre was really starting to become more pronounced… I mean Psycho the movie is based on Psycho the book, which was loosely based on the slasher murderer Ed Gein… so it makes sense.

5. Taste Of Fear (1961).

Now this one was a movie that followed on the cusp of the fame that Psycho generated, but it looks like a fun one, and honestly in my opinion Hammer Films has made some of the best horror movies of all time… And so this trailblazer I suspect is going to be a very good one!