Flight Of The Navigator – Sci-fi Movie Trailer

There are truly few movies in your life that even if you haven’t seen them in years or even decades you just truly remember with absolute fondness… And Fight Of The Navigator (1986) is definitely one of those movies for me!

I have probably seen this movie 3 or 4 dozen times over the years, I have seen it on VHS as well as LaserDisc, and I think even DVD, and each time I see this movie, I am just absolutely amazed by the fact that this movie… Despite having been released decades ago could be so good, and yet be a forgotten classic!

It has amazing special effects (even for the 80s,) it has an amazing cast including the long forgotten talent of Joey Cramer (Runaway) as the lead in this movie, it also has an amazing story that will give you both a great feeling, and will keep you on the edge of your seat!

But you know what, let me show you what I mean… This will either be a fond walk down memory lane, or a great new movie to introduce yourself to!