For Those Trying To Figure Out How To Get A Start

Alright, so I could give you some sage advice and all of these helpful tips on how to get started… I can even give you a whole multitude of ways for you to get published… I mean certainly all of this stuff has been given to you over the many years… Am I right?

Ok… So I hope you don’t close out this article, and I hope you really begin to think about this in a very real context, and I hope that you figure this out… Because the tips I am about to give to you, most writers won’t tell you, most writers have done it without thinking it… As a matter of fact I imagine most attribute their success to other factors.

Are you ready for this? The first tip I can give you to get started in writing is to write!

Now that may be like… duh! But what is the real way you get started? Do I go back to college and take a 20 year creative writing course, and join every writing group in history, and discuss every aspect of every character that has ever been in a book or movie? Do I talk about every reason why every character in fiction has ever done everything they have ever done? Do I talk about all of their motivations? And then not write till I am so old that the chances of ever publishing anything are non existent?

NO! GOD NO! Just stop! The first thing to becoming a writer, is not to scrutinize every aspect of writing through out history in an effort to hopefully find your style… The first thing when it comes to writing is just to write!

Write several unfinished worthless manuscripts, write several worthless film scripts, but write! As you get used to thinking of the story, and characters, you will begin to develop your writing style, and eventually the idea of writing a story will become something easy… At that point you will start thinking of your next novel ideas when you are on the road or even in the shower!

Good, now they you are writing… You might be wondering how to get published…

My recommendation is simple, self-publish… There was a time when going to thousands of publishing houses and submitting your manuscript to thousands of editors around the world was the only way to go… It isn’t…

It is true that it is easier for you to get world wide distribution of your work through a publishing house, and that time will come… But to get your start in getting your material published… I would highly recommend publishing it yourself… At least the first couple of novels… If you are ambitious enough, you can sell your work through eBay and Amazon, and get them in to enough book stores so that you will get distribution… But it should be easier to get your work in to the hands of a big distribution houses when you are done.

Ultimately though, if you use these two pieces of advice, this will give you a great start to a fun and fullfilling career as a writer!