Hero/Villians Likely To Be Remade In The Future

So at this point it is pretty safe to say that the super hero genre has become so well definied that some of the characters are deeply ingrained in to our conciousness! A couple of great examples are: Thor, Captain America, and Wolverine!

With that said though, there are definitely more then a handful of villains and heroes that have also run their course for now, and will not be seen in the world of the big screen and probably not the small screen for some time… And well, unless you are Zack Snyder (Man Of Steel), and you have a vindictive desire to try and destroy the DC Universe on the big screen and small screen… You probably won’t see for some time!

Here is the list.

1. Logan/Wolverine:

Hugh Jackman as, ‘Logan’… His performance will be missed… But hopefully the character will be back with some one else who can do the role justice!

I know this one is kind of a given when you consider that Hugh Jackman (X-Men) just recently completed his final film as Wolverne/Logan earlier this year… But he was a great character and hero, and although I am sure there is already plans in the works to bring the character back in a re-make… When you consider that the original series with the younger actors and actresses is still going strong… The chances are likely that it could be some time before the next time we see the hero, ‘Wolverine’ on the big screen.

2. Green Lantern/Hal Jordan

Ok, so I maybe one of the very few people on earth who did not hate Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) as, ‘Green Lantern’… I mean the movie was not great… But it was fun… Either way, I know that the character is going to be coming back… And likely soon (when you consider that he is one of the founding members of the, ‘Justice League’… But it has been awhile… And it is sure to continue to be that way for awhile longer.

3. Loki

Ok so I believe Loki is going to be in the next Avengers movie, but from what I understand of it, and from interviews that Tom Hiddleston (The Night Manager) did last year… It the Frost Giant, turned Asgardian royal is going to be disappearing for some time as this next Avengers movie, and with the end of Phase 3, will see the end of Mr. Hiddleston’s role in the MCU!

4. Sinestro

Here is Sinestro before he became the Green Lantern’s enemy!

Ok, so as far DC villains go, this guy is pretty awesome… And I even thought that the performance that Mark Strong (The Imitation Game) did in the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern movie actually was pretty good!  And I do hope that when Zack Snyder brings the Green Lantern back to life that he also brings Sinestro along with him! I mean the character is pretty awesome!

Well folks, this is just a few of the heroes and villains that we are not likely to see for some time… But will likely be remade!