Friday The 13th – The Series Episode: ‘The Inheritance’ (1987) – TV Episode Review

Official Score = 3 Devils

Official Score = 3 Devils

I first heard about this show, ‘Friday The 13th: The Series’ back roughly about the early to mid 90s, and I thought that it had to do with the movie series that was written by: Victor Miller (The Black Pearl) and directed by Sean S. Cunningham (The Last House On The Left)… It turns out that it is only very loosely based on the two series… What I mean by this, is that Frank Mancuso Jr. (April Fool’s Day) was one of the producers of the movie series from Friday The 13th Part 2 (1981) on up to the end of the time in which Paramount had initial control of the series, also was one of the producers of the series, and ended up actually using, Friday The 13th: The Series, to draw in an audience… There was also several cast tie in’s between the series and the movies…

Now the pilot episode, called, ‘The Inheritence’ tells the story of how, ‘Lewis Vendredi’ (R.G. Armstrong) is an antique’s dealer that has been selling cursed items as part of a deal with the devil and ends up going back on his deal and ends up being killed… Afterward cousins, Ryan Dallion (John D. LeMay) and Micki Foster (Louise Robey) inherit, ‘Uncle Lewis’s’ shop, but they end up discovering what their Uncle was up to and with the help of Jack Marshak (Chris Wiggins) decides to get back all of the items that Uncle Lewis had sold!

Micki Foster, Jack Marshak, & Ryan Dallion are about to embark on a truly bizarre quest together!

As far as casts go, seeing this amazing cast coming together is amazing, and the guests stars, including: R.G. Armstrong, Sarah Polley (GO), Lynne McCormack (Dead Ringers) and that is to name a few was pretty awesome!

As for the special effects… Well lets put it this way… They don’t make TV shows like that anymore, this episode had such amazing special effects that it is actually a shame that they don’t do things that good anymore!

But the thing that I think that I liked the best about this episode is the story! I mean this episode really was kind of like reading a great first chapter of a novel that is bound to be great!