Friday The 13th The TV Series: Same Creators, Different Series – Horror On The Small Screen

Friday the 13th: The Series
John D. LeMay, Louise Robey and Chris Wiggins (from left)

So let’s be honest… Who doesn’t love the antics of the hockey masked machete carrying maniac that has turned Crystal Lake from a fun loving retreat… In to a place people generally try to avoid!

I thought so! And you know what, that’s cool!

And I will say this… The creator’s of the movie series we have all come to love did not stop there! You see in the late 80s with the extreme success of the movie series, Frank Mancuso Jr. (April Fool’s Day), and Victor Miller (A Stranger Is Watching) decided to make another Friday The 13th series, only this time the series was to be on the small screen!

Now unless you are a true cinephile, you likely will not have heard of this series… But this series told the story of an antiques dealer who sold cursed goods, ended up leaving his shop to distant relatives when his soul is taken to the next world!

Well these relatives, along with the help of the man who brought the original owner the goods, are attempting to reaquire the goods, and make sure that the damage their uncle caused is gone forever!

A scene from the series

Well if you are like me, then you probably thought that this movie was directly connected with the series… It is not!  But both series are really quite fantastic… And if you get a chance… Check out both… Because rather it is on the big screen or the small screen… Frank Mancuso Jr. and Victor Miller created a great couple of series in their Friday The 13th franchises!

And for more information both, please enjoy this trailer for the first Friday The 13th movie, as well as the first intro to Friday The 13th the series!

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