George A. Romero… The Myth, The Man, The Legend… May He Rest In Peace!

George A. Romero… The Myth, The Man, The Legend… May He Rest In Peace!

So when it comes to horror movie monsters, it does seem like people have a preference of choice… I have friends who are fans of Vampire movies/TV series… And there are definitely some good movies on both sides of the Vampire sub-genre, including: The Lost Boys (1987), with Corey Haim (Silver Bullet), Jason Patrick (Speed 2: Cruise Control) & Kiefer Sutherland (Phone Booth)… That is a great example of a great vampire movie… And as for a TV series, I have to say that, True Blood, with Anna Paquin (X-Men) and Stephen Moyer (Detour) is a great example of a Vampire TV series!

And a great indie Vampire movie that I am personally enjoyed and got to see on the big screen last year was, Martin (1978), that was direct by George A. Romero (Dawn Of The Dead)!

Now I have to say that George A. Romero was a personal favorite of mine when it came to filmmakers… Because where as it is true, that Martin was a fantastic Vampire movie, my personal favorite is the Zombie genre, and George A. Romero really made Zombies what they are today!

So when I first heard that he passed away, I have to say that I was personally sad!

You see, this amazing filmmaker who died recently, but very peacefully in his sleep, after a short but agressive battle with lung cancer… Started off his prolific career doing TV and Commercials… Having gone so far as to work on Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood!

Before he became the Zombie King… One of the things George A. Romero did was film a segment for Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood in the 60s!

But it wasn’t until the late 1960s when George A. Romero would work with 9 of his friends and would create, ‘Image Ten Productions’… And the movie that would make him a horror icon for the rest of his lfe… And a hollywood legend forever!

That movie being a movie that he co-wrote with John A. Russo (Escape Of The Living Dead)! That being Night Of Living Dead (1968)!

This being a movie that would spawn several sequels told the slow story about the eventual demise of mankind as a Zombie apocalypse slowly began to over take the world! Now it is true that this movie did ultimately spawn several great sequels… This movie and it’s first 3 sequels gave Romero huge noteriety, made him a horror icon, a Hollywood legend, and he has been called the godfather of the modern Zombie movie!

Besides doing Zombie films… George A. Romero would do several other great horror movies… Including: The Crazies (1973) with Lynn Lowry (Cat People), Martin (1978) with Tom Savini (Friday The 13th) and Creepshow (1982) with a whole slew of famous celebrities!

George A. Romero will be missed! But his life and his work will continue on in the hearts and minds of his friends, his family, and the legion of fans he has all over the world!