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Halloween 2 (1981) – Horror Movie Review

Man I bet she wished she had stayed home that night!

Ok, so that Halloween franchise did something really stupid with it’s series… They just continuously retconned every few movies!

For example:

1: In one universe, Halloween 1 and 2 were all that was there, and the reign of terror that was Michael Myers ended then and there.

2: John Carpenter (Halloween) tried to resurrect his original idea of making the Halloween movies an anothology series… The problem is, is that Halloween 3 (1982) tanked.. And so Michael Myers came back in Halloween 4… And terrorized Jamie’s daughter and the people of Haddonfield through most of the 80s & 90s! (A great element to the franchise) if you ask me!

Halloween 3 tanked and brought Michael Myers back for Halloween 4!

3: Then H2O collapsed that time line and ended Jamie Lloyd, (Danielle Harris) run as the replacement for Laurie Strode…

When H20 was made, ‘Jamie Lloyd’ (Danielle Harris) was replaced with, ‘John Tate’ (Josh Hartnett).

4: Then after Resurrection there was the remakes.

5: Now everything but the first and most recent movies have been retconned…

Michael Myers… Same mask, different universe!

Pretty stupid right?

Well despite what some people believe, Halloween (1978) – Halloweeb 6: The Curse Of Michael Myers (1995) are actually great films… And when you work hard enough, you will notice a time line begin to form… One that is pretty amazing!

And Halloween 2 (1981)… The next chapter in the Halloween franchise was one of those amazing movies!

Written by: John Carpenter (Escape From New York) & Debra Hill (Assault On Precinct 13) & Directed by: Rick Rosenthal (Nearing Grace). Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween H20), Donald Pleasance (The Great Escape), Jeffrey Kramer (Jaws), Lance Guest (The Last Starfighter), Pamela Susan Shoop (Empire Of The Ants), Hunter von Leer (Steel), Dick Warlock (Innerspace), Leo Rossi (Relentless), Tawney Moyer (Looker) & Ana Alicia (Roughnecks).

“I shot him six times! I shot him in the heart, but… he’s not human!” – Dr. Sam Loomis (A quote by: Donald Pleaseance from the movie: Halloween 2 (1981).)

Now this movie takes place immediately after the first one. Dr. Loomis (Played by: Donald Pleasance) has saved Laurie and Strode and, “SHOT HIM 6 TIMES!” Laurie’s friends are all dead, but the authorities are here, and the parents have picked up the kids… And so Laurie is safe… And she is going to the hospital.

Right before Dr. Loomis takes on the, ‘Boogey Man’!

But is she really safe? You see Michael Myers may have been shot six times, but he is not done with Laurie just yet!

Michael is legitimately wounded and pretty madly, and he goes off on a terror spree… First off, he steals a new kitchen knife from an older couple. Then he goes and kills the teenage girl that heard the scream.

Now he is off to the hospital for that confrontation he has always wanted!

Michael Myers making his way through the hospital to Laurie Strode!

And during this time, the authorities, and Dr. Loomis are beginning to panic! You see, Sheriff Brackett (Played by: Charles Cyphers) has discovered that Myers killed his daughter, and has taken off to be with his wife.

And now it is up to Deputy Hunt (Played by: Hunter von Leer) and Dr. Loomis to find Myers and stop him before he makes it to the Hospital and finishes what he had started earlier that evening!

Now I will be honest and say that I do think all of this retconning was pretty pointless… I mean from what I can tell… The main problem with all of the other versions of the series, is the inevitable swing toward the supernatural that is a natural after effect of what happens when the wrong writers are chosen, and the right ones run out of ideas!

Like all great franchises… That make the bad guys to, ‘supernatural’… And when that happens… They start to loose some of their believability.

This movie is pretty bombtastic! It has a great cast of amazing, ‘A’ and ‘B’ talent… It has the same level of genius special effects that Carpenter brought to the first movie… And honestly, I kind of really like the story alot!

So check this movie out… It really is worth it, and is a fun one!

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