Hulk And The Agents Of S.M.A.S.H.: Season 1 – Episode 1 (2013) – TV Episode Review

The Avengers (2012)… Man that is a great movie! And you know what? I have to say that all and all, that the characters in it that may come closest to being my favorite is, ‘The Hulk’!

I mean Mark Ruffalo (Thor: Raganorok) did a great job playing the ultimate monster… But there is something a little bit more to the monster then your basic, ‘smashing’!

What I mean by that the Hulk is not just a monster… But he is almost like Frankenstein’s monster, in that The Hulk… Because of his looks and occasional savagery are confused with being just a beast… But he deep down when you get past that horrible exterior… The Hulk really is just a tortured soul that is trying to make it in the world… Like the rest of us!

Beyond waxing poetic though about the Hulk, the other thing I have to say that I do really like about the monster is just how well he is able to kick ass!

Now this is leading up to a review for the pilot episode of an animated series that featured the Hulk that I have to admit that I do miss! That episode being Door Way To Destruction Part 1 (2013) from the series, ‘Hulk And The Agents Of S.M.A.S.H.’!

Hulk and his best friend, ‘Rick Jones’ having a frank discussion in the pilot episode!

Now this episode starts off pretty much setting up the series and dicusses how after the Hulk (played by: Fred Tatasciore) begins to get himself under control, he ends up living in the old abandoned military base that had been tasked with capturing him!

At this point, the jade monster is pretty content with basically disappearing off the grid entirely, he has plenty of food, he has equipment to work out with, and to keep himself occupied with, and he has his best friend, ‘Rick’ (played by: Seth Green) is there not only hanging out with his best bud… But is also trying to prove to the world that the Hulk is not a monster.

Well… When it comes to the Marvel universe, of course there is never a dull moment… And when Annihiuls (Played by: Robin Atkins Downes) invades… The Hulk is forced out of retirement… And when his friend Rick is turned in to a Hulk… It is going to take a team of Hulks to stop that big bad… Before the Earth is overrun!

Ok… So I am going to say it… This episode is fun… But like most shows it is a bit hard on trying to find it’s footing… And honestly… This episode is quite good… But it really does not find it’s footing till the end of the next episode… So I will say that it is worth watching… But it does get better in future episodes.