Hush (2016) – Movie Review

One of the first new horror movies to impress me in awhile!

One of the first new horror movies to impress me in awhile!

You can tell when some one truly loves the genre in which they are filmmaking… I mean the movie isn’t just good (There is always going to be good movies, even from people who have no real affection for the genre of film they are trying to create…) No, when it comes to seeing the work of some one who has a genuine appreciation for the work they are doing, the movies they will create are a work of art!

A couple of great examples of this being, Kevin Smith (Chasing Amy). You can tell that in a lot of the films that he does, he really seems to enjoy the type of work that he does! Another great example of this being in the work that Wes Craven (A Nightmare On Elm Street) did when he was alive! This guy was a horror movie legend, and it truly showed in the horror movies he created… And the work that Mike Flanagan (Absentia) and the cast and crew did on Hush (2016) was absolutely amazing!

A great poster for a fantastic horror movie!

A great poster for a fantastic horror movie!

Written by: Kate Siegel (Hot), Mike Flanagan & Directed by: Mike Flanagan. Starring: Kate Siegel, John Gallagher Jr. (10 Cloverfield Lane), Michael Trucco (Hunter Killer), Samantha Sloyan (Fantastic) & Emma Graves (Caged No More).

“I can come in anytime I want. And I can get you, anytime I want. But I’m not going to. Not until it’s time. When you wish you’re dead… that’s when I’ll come inside.” – Man (A quote from: Hush (2016)).

This amazing movie tells the story of a deaf and mute woman by the name of, ‘Maddie’ (played by: Kate Siegel) who has become something of a successful writer, but ultimately ends up going in to seclusion out in the middle of nowhere (I mean she is really pretty isolated… Her only real company besides her cat is a a couple that lives kind of nearby.)

Anyway, this movie starts off pretty brilliantly with everything being normal, Maddie hangs out with her good friend Sarah (Played by: Sarah Sloyan), instead of going to visit with Sarah, Maddie decides to do some work, so that she can get her second novel done… Boy was she lucky!

Unfortunately with Maddie being dead, Sarah is murdered by the, ‘Man’ (Played by: John Gallagher Jr.) literally like five feet away from Maddie… Unfortunately Maddie can’t feel sense anything is wrong because Sarah is killed outside of the house with the door closed…

Dude... Your best friend is being murdered like 4 feet away... And you are doing the dishes!

Dude… Your best friend is being murdered like 4 feet away… And you are doing the dishes!

Sarah is not the only person the man wishes to have fun with that evening… And with her handicap, Maddie is going to have to rely on all her senses (including the senses that she has had to develop since she went deaf) to be able to stop this maniac!

I am going to say it… This horror movie may be the best that I have seen in the last few years… The concept of a deaf women having to escape this maniac is sheer brilliance, Kate Siegel really sold me on it. I like that the cast in this movie was real small (I felt like that is what this movie needed…) I also wanted to say that I really like that Mike Flanagan went in a different direction then what it seems like a lot of the horror movie filmmakers seem to be going for…

What I mean by this is that a lot of horror movie filmmakers really seem to be heading in the direction of more gore and blood and gut, and less the atmosphere of suspense and danger that a lot of the classic slasher films brought to the screen in their heyday… But this movie brought that back in a very nice, very brilliant sort of way.

Now this movie didn’t really have enough story to it… And you know what… It really worked for them in this movie!

In the end, I am going to give this word of caution to the filmmakers on this movie… You did an amazing job on this film… Keep it a stand alone and it will hold up the test of time… Give it a sequel, or make it a franchise and I suspect it will end up more quickly than most become the ridiculous fanfare that a lot of the other franchises have been dealing with for awhile!