I Am So Glad To See Disturbed Having Come Back!

For those of you who don’t know who disturbed actually is, they are a great heavy metal band that started many years ago, back when metal was not so loud and intense, and told a brilliant story that kept you well entertained, and in some ways, on the edge of your seat!

Now  before I go on I wanted to say that I am still incredibly impressed with death metal and speed metal, but the one type of metal that is a personal favorite is the type of metal that was developed by the classics, like, ‘Metallica’, ‘Ozzy Osbourne’, ‘Megadeth’ and, ‘Nine Inch Nails’.

With that said, when I found out that Disturbed was taking a break… I have to admit that I had been pretty bummed… Welll you have to understand, that for me, I have only in the last few years gotten in to their music… And so I had not really heard much in the way of new music from them… But now that they are back, and I have gotten to hear some of their new stuff… I am so impressed!

I have a sneaky suspicion that Disturbed are hitting that turn that I think alot of the older heavy metal bands generally tend to eventually get to… What I mean by that is they are going from their more hardcore days to something a little bit easier… And so some of their music is beginning to change and their style changed a little bit with it… But in some ways it is almost cooler!

Instead of it being more intense like a lot of their older stuff is, it is quiter, but in some ways it is almost darker, almost scarier… But in alot of ways almost better!

Now don’t get me wrong, I will always be a fan of their old and new stuff, but their new stuff is so amazing! I think you guys might enjoy this mix of some of their old stuff and new stuff… Check it out!