If You Are A Writer… Than Write!

Ok, so a little piece of information from me… I am a writer! I love to write! I love to uncover that story that interests me and I think is going to entertain other people, is great! To see it pop up on the big screen maybe even cooler!

Now there is something that I have done, and I suspect that has happened with a lot of people, and it has to do with the idea that… ‘I will get to it when I can, but I have to make the money just now, so I will setup my writting career when I have the opportunity to…’

The problem is, is that if you are like me… Than you will have that idea, but the truth is, is that when you try to do it that way, you won’t write! I know, because when I was younger I used to write quite a bit… And where as I am a published author… My career is nowhere near where it should be!

This world is setup for people to fail, unless you are ruthless or merciless and are willing to step on whomevers toes you want to, to get ahead in life!

I will give you the best example of this: Politicans running for the Presidency generally speaking will do what is called, ‘Mud Slinging’ to get ahead in the polls and take the election… And what mud slinging actually is, is one candidate trying to step on another in an effort to become the President…

(Please note that this is not a political post… Please save your political comments for some one else…)

Now I am not saying that you have to destroy another writers career to get ahead, but write! If you have to work your life around you writing, do it! It doesn’t have to take forever to do this… All it takes is that first published manuscript published or that first purchased movie script to get it done!

So if you want to write… Just write! Don’t say you are going to do it, and then suffer the plight of the overworked laborer, who is going from one pay check to the next in a dead end job, hoping that when you retire, you will have enough money to retire and be comfortable… Because unless something changes… The chances of that occuring in the modern day is pretty slim!

So if you want to write, then set it up so that you can now… Before you realize at 80 or 90 that, that career you really wanted is now no longer possible!