Injustice 2 #1 (2017) – Comic Book Review

Ok, so I don’t know if you guys have heard about this… No, I am just kidding! I am certain you guys have heard of this… The Injustice series of video games are pretty amazing! They tell the story of what would happen if the super heroes of the, ‘Justice League’ went bad!

And just a little bit of backstory to this… Like the video games, the story basically goes that like in the video games… The Joker and Harley Quinn plant a bomb in Metropolis and then dose Superman with a gas that makes a pregnant Lois Lane appear to be, ‘The Joker’.

When Superman fails to save the city, his pregnant wife (in this universe, Superman finally got together with Lois and got married,) and their unborn baby… This threw Superman over the edge and drove him insane… He killed the Joker and started a legendary reign of terror with all of the main universes (Justice League)… That is until they are stopped… (Just before it appears that Superman was going to take over the planet.)

Cut forward to the present… And Superman is captured, and currently being held at a supermax prison that is being maintained by Batman through his vast wealth. Green Arrow appears to be dead, but Harley has broken through the hold that the Joker had on her.

Still, Harley is forced to join the Suicide Squad… That is until another Batman that uses weaponry comes after her to help her and the rest of the inmates escape…

Is this the real Batman? The Batman that stopped Superman from being able to take over the world? Or is this maybe another Batman from another universe? I guess you will have to wait for the next issue!

Now this issue is good… If you didn’t know that Superman was in jail, you probably wouldn’t know that they were in another universe!

But the characters stories, whereas they are different are never-the-less quite fascinating, and very well setup… The only thing that I would have liked is if they had expanded on the setup for what is to come next a little better… But in the end this comic is a ton of fun, and quite well worth it!

So if you are looking for a brilliant series to get in to, then I highly recommend checking this one out… It is very well worth the time!