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Is Freddy Kruger Making A Comeback? – #Horror #Movie #News

It looks like Freddy Krueger might be coming back to movie screen near you!

That’s how it is looking like… Well according to Bloody-Disgusting… It looks like, unlike the hell that Jason Voorhees and the, ‘Friday The 13th Franchise’ are going through… Freddy Krueger is going to be able to make that come back… But those that own the rights are just looking for the right project!

It looks like now that the domestic rights have come back to Wes Craven’s estate, that his estate is taking pitches for what is next for the Christmas sweater wearing burn victim who likes to kill teenagers.

Now it does appear that Newline still owns the international rights… But it does make for an easy way to bring Freddy back though! Stay tuned for more information when we get it!

For more information on the series, please check out these trailer for the whole franchise!

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