Is Netflix The New Place For Indie Horror & Scifi?

You know, I am always looking for new and exiciting, both mainstream and independent horror and science fiction films. I have been to a ton of both horror and science fiction movie nights, festivals and the like… As a matter of fact, one of my favorite just so happens to be, ‘Beyond Fest’, a great mostly horror and science fiction festival!

And with the rise of many of the streaming platforms I have been looking around in my efforts to see if I can try and find a solid place for some, ‘Good’ horror and science fiction indie films!

I have tried, ‘Shudder’, but they are mostly just horror, I have tried Amazon… But they are mostly either current mainstream stuff… Or oddly enough, stuff that is not really horror or science fiction!  And I have tried Vudu… But since you have to buy all of their stuff individually… Well they got a ton of great movies and what not to watch, but are not always easy to get to…

The one that I have noticed that really seems to work out well for me is Netflix!

Now Netflix does have a fair amount of duds, but they also have a great selection of independent horror and science fiction, as well as a pretty decent selection of mainstream stuff… As well as something that actually did kind of surprise me…

They have a pretty decent selection of Netflix made movies as well!

So rather you are new or not, I highly recommend checking out Netflix, they got a great selection of films at a monthly rate that so far has really proven out quite nicely!

For more information on some of the stuff that Netflix has on hand for both Horror and Science Fiction please enjoy these trailers for some of the Netflix original horror and science fiction movies!