Leviathan (1989) – Movie Review

When I was a kid two of my favorite science fiction movies (still are) are Alien (1979) and The Abyss (1989). I mean these movies were great, what with having some fantastic direction from Ridley Scott (who directed Alien) and James Cameron (who directed The Abyss) great acting from some amazing Hollywood veteran Hollywood A-listers in the earlish years of their careers, and special effects that would both shock, amaze, and in some cases scare the hell out of you!

The reason that I mention this is because Leviathan (1989) had a lot of these elements in them as well!

Written by: David Webb Peoples (Blade Runner) & Directed by: George P. Cosmatos (Cobra). Starring Peter Weller (RoboCop), Richard Crenna (First Blood), Amanda J. Pays (The Cold Room), Daniel Stern (Home Alone), Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters), Michael Carmine (Band Of The Hand), Lisa Eilbacher (10 To Midnight), Hector Elizondo (Pretty Woman), and Meg Foster (They Live).

Leviathan tells the story of team of undersea miners that are about to be sent home after a 90 day rotation, when they find something down there a little more unique then any of the ore that they have been pulling out of the ocean floor!


What I mean by this is that one night while goofing around Six Pack (Stern) who while being the consummate jokester ends up pissing off the more serious, ‘Willie’ (Pays), but when he finds a weird looking dead under sea creature in his bunk, he freaks out and goes to confront Willie about it, and the two of them end up in a fight!

While all of this is going down though, the leader of the group that goes by the name of, ‘Beck’ (Weller) comes in, and to punish them both for the fight, decides to have them both head out for mining duty outside of the station!

Now the next day while Willie and Six Pack are out doing their duty, Six Pack trips and falls off a ledge and finds an old vessel , the, ‘Leviathan’.

Thinking that there is something wrong, Willie goes down after him, only to find him with a safe full of contraband that after Six Pack and Willie get back to the station ends up getting, ‘impounded’… except for a flask that is supposed to be filled with some vodka… and something else…

You see Six Pack had taken the deadly flask and had shared some with Bowman… Well it turns out that this flask was full of a compound that changes your basic genetic structure in to a hideous monster!

And now with this monster on their tail, and the company that they work for keeping them down there, it will be up to the Tri-Oceanic Miners to stop this monster in its tracks, before it reaches the main land!

Anyway the truth is, is that this movie despite being fun one was fairly unoriginal, the reason that I mentioned, Alien and The Abyss, above is because in all truth, this movie I believe was heavily influenced by both of those movies!

But despite that, it was a fun one, and it was great to see people like, ‘Daniel Stern’, Hector Elizondo, and Peter Weller in younger roles!

All in all, definitely worth the viewing experience!