Logan’s Run (1976) – Movie Trailer

Logan before his run!

Ok, so this one I have been looking forward to checking out for a long time… I mean in the realm of the, ‘B’ Movie, this one was one of the movies that for some reason was hard for me to find… Don’t worry though, I have found it and am looking forward to reviewing it soon!

This movie of course being: Logan’s Run (1976)!

Man I really can’t wait to check this movie out!

This awesome movie, which stars, ‘Michael York’ (Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery) tells the story of a world where your life is controlled as such so that it is perfect… The only time that it is not so perfect, is when you are chosen to basically die!

When one of the officer’s responsible for collecting up these, ‘Runners’ so that they can be taken to die, ends up becoming the next runner… He will run for dear life, and in so doing, maybe save it!

Now I can tell you that this movie looks pretty awesome… But the truth is, is I haven’t seen it yet… But I have wanted to for awhile… But it does look pretty good! But you know, instead of taking my word for it… Why not check it out for yourself!