Martin (1977) – Movie Review

A brilliant film that I really am glad is getting a ton of play!

A brilliant film that I really am glad is getting a ton of play!

Ok, so first off I have to say this… If you guys read my previous blog… Well then you probably already know what I think about this movie, and how I feel about how amazing the work that George A. Romero (A Night Of The Living Dead), did on this film and all of his other films!

I mean the guy is a pure cinematic genius when it comes to the horror movies that he has created over the years! I mean they don’t just transcend the decades (They do… No matter what film you are watching from what era… Of his films, if you are watching a movie that he did in the 60s… It still holds up in the new millennium!) But not only do they transcend time, but the way he crafts the movie, and the actors that he brings in to help bring the movie come to life is basically sheer genius! And you know what? Martin (1977) is one of those great many examples!

A classic worthy of. That title!

A classic worthy of. That title!

Written and Directed by: George A. Romero. Starring: John Amplas (Day Of The Dead), Lincoln Maazel (NET Playhouse), Christine Forrest (Dawn Of The Dead) and Tom Savini (Friday The 13th).

“Everything has been pretty easy since I’ve learned how to be careful. People are the hardest thing.” – A quote from the movie Martin (1977).

Ok, so first off let me say that this movie has a ton of blood, but not really, you see in this movie, Vampire’s do need to drink blood, and it does appear that they are immortal… But none of the other stuff really matters… And Martin… Welll, he is just a young Vampire who would like really very much to be like everyone else around him… He really would… And so it does have blood… But not like some of the modern movies that overdo it… What they lack in blood they make up in everything else!

And when he is sent to live with his cousin… Martin (who looks like a teenager,) is going to have to do what he can to fit in… Otherwise his cousin ain’t gonna be to happy about it… But what is an undead boy to do? Especially when there is all them pretty ladies, with all that blood in them!

One of the many women unlucky enough to fall under the spell of, 'Martin'.

One of the many women unlucky enough to fall under the spell of, ‘Martin’.

Ultimately though this movie is a ton of fun… John Amplas did a great job playing, ‘Martin’ and hell it was even great seeing a young Tom Savini in a roll that most people don’t even know about!

The other thing I kind of like about this film alot is the atmosphere… You see Martin really is trying to live in the world of humans, and the struggles that come with it!

Anyway ultimately if you are in to suspense filled horror movies, I think you might like this one! =