Marvel: Hulk Where Monsters Dwell (2016) – Movie Review

Hulk and Dr. Strange in the world of nightmares!

Ok, so I have to say that I am a huge fan of the various DC and Marvel animated movie and tv series, including: Batman, Superman, X-Men and The Avengers!

And speaking of the Avenegers, rather he be in the live action form, or he happens to be in the animated form, the Hulk is just cool! I mean besides the fact that whenever the Hulk blows his top, you know something cool is going to happeen!

But the Hulk is not just a monster, he also happens to be very strong, both physically and emotionally… And there is a real guy inside that some people in the various series seem to forget!

Now you might be wondering why I mention all of this, well because there is an awesome movie that I saw recently that I think you might really like called: Marvel: Hulk Where Monsters Dwell (2016)!

A fun one!

Written by: Marty Isenberg (Transformers: Rescue Bots) & Directed by: Mitch Schauer (The Smurfs). Starring: Fred Tatasciore (Avengers Assemble), Liam O’Brien (The Last Of Us) & Jesse Burch (Flight Plan).

You see this movie tells the story of how on Halloween, when the dimensional gateway between the real world and nightmare world are at their weekest, the head nightmare constantly tries to get in to our world to take it over.  Doctor Strange is usually pretty good at stopping it… But not this time!

So Doctor Strange enlists the help of some of the world’s most important monster heroes, (The Hulk and, the Howling Commandos)!

Monsters and Mystics unite!

And it will be up to Doctor Strange and his monsters to stop these fiends from getting in to our world and taking it over!

Now I have to say that some of the best things about what I like about this movie is well… Everything! I mean it is just fun! It has great special effects,  great animation, and the voice actors do an amazing job!

Ultimatelty what maybe the only real draw down for this movie is that where as it does well for a pretty fun animated  film… But because of it’s story… I think it would make a pretty bad live action film!

Anyway, if this type of movie is something you are in to… Then check this out! It is a good one, and I think you might think that it is to!