Marvel Zombies #5 (2006) – Comic Book Review

Ok, So this one I have not done a review for in awhile, but you know what? I am glad to be getting back to this series… I will explain in more detail why in later reviews (possibly at the end of this series…)

But the Marvel Zombies… Now they truly are a different type of Marvel franchise… If you are a horror fan and a comic book fan, like I am, then I think you are really going to like what this series has to offer… And you know what? This issue makes it’s first major twist in a direction that I had heard the series had taken but I just could not believe it!

I guess Peter Parker thought he heard, ‘You may now eat the bride!’

Ok, so in this world… mankind is almost completely destroyed… There is maybe 6 or 7 humans left alive… And the only reason those humans are alive is because Magneto rescued them and brought them to Astroid M… (Ironic isn’t it?)

And you know who has destroyed almost all life on earth, the zombified remains of both the heroes and the villains!

And the heroes and villains are about to have their last and final battle on that Earth, as Earth’s mightiest Zombies, face off against the undead villains over who gets to enjoy a Galactus that the heroes have figured out how to take down!

When Galactus can be taken down, you know all hope is lost!

This issue took an interesting turn… You see, it is basically opening up the world of what the survivors lives will be like when the superpowered dead heroes are gone… And the threats have diminished!

This series has taken some twists and turns, but this series of the Marvel Zombies is great, and this issue is a lot of fun, and well worth checking out, I liked it and you might to… So check it out!