Marvel Zombies: Vol 1 #3 (2006) – Comic Book Review

You really don’t want these heroes coming to your resue… They will literally charge you an arm and a leg!

Ok… I have to say that getting back in to comics and comic book TV shows and movies as well as other comic book media, has literally been so much fun, that I don’t know why I ever stopped!

I know it may sound weird, but the stories remain so much fun! I know it is probably the coolest thing in the world to be able to see this stuff in a live action setting… And it is, but the truth is, is there is absolutely nothing like reading it in it’s original form… And not only that, but there is a particular story… One of two that so far I have to admit… I am really enjoying, and I think you will like it to!

What is that you ask? It is the Marvel Zombie series! Think, ‘The Walking Dead’ meets, ‘Avengers’ and that about sizes up how much fun this series truly is!

And the most recent issue that I read of the first volume of Marvel Zombies… Issue, ‘#3’ is soooo good!

A great issue!

In this issue, all of this Earth’s heroes are Zombies… And damn they are rather hungry! In the first issue they had managed to take down Magneto… In the next issue Silver Surfer decided to show up… A HUGE mistake!

You see, Galactus has set his sites on the Earth… But with a walking dead that still has some of their powers… Silver Surfer literally lands on a planet full of super powered Marvel Zombies who are so hungry… And are ready to have Silver Surfer for there next meal!

Ultimately if you are a fan of both sides, (horror & sci-fi,) this comic really is one that I think you might end up really liking… I am tripping out over this one, and I think that you really might as well!

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