Marvel Zombies: Vol 1 #4 (2006) – Comic Book Review

Just a fantastic series!

Alright… So, so far so oh my god this awesome! You know, whom ever came up with the idea for the various, ‘Marvel Zombies’ series is actually pretty much pure genius!  I mean the story so far is freaking awesome… The artwork for the most part really is truly impressive!

I know that I have said this before, and I will say this again… Think, ‘The Walking Dead’ if the series was created with in the MCU… Pretty awesome right?

And so far in the story, most of the human race has been destroyed… The heroes killed Magneto, and ate him… Devoured the Silver Surfer and gained some of his powers… And now they are taking on Galactus! Can anyone stop them!

The Zombified Heroes aren’t the only one’s that want a piece of Galactus… So do the Zombified villains!

Ok, so as far as the story line for this issue goes… Like I mentioned above, ‘Galactus’ and his herald, ‘The Silver Surfer’ have decided to come to what is left of planet Earth in an effort to make the planet the next planet that Galactus devours! At this point though… The Silver Surfer is dead… Devoured by the Marvel Zombies… And it is beginning to look like maybe Galactus might be next!

And time is running out though… You see, Marvel’s Superheroes aren’t the only superpowered people that have ravished the planet in search of human flesh… So has the villains become a part of the Marvel Zombies as well!

The last thing that I am going to say is this… With this comic, the only thing that I did not like as much about it… And this is a problem with all of the series… But that for some reasons all of the zombies are drawn as if they don’t have lips… Very unimaginative!

But with this series almost toward the end of it’s run… I have to say that I really have liked it so far… And will be writting up a little after report as soon as I am done with the series!