Michael Jackson: The Man In The Mirror (1987) – Song Review

A great song, from a great man, with a powerful message!

So I am going to come out and say it, I will never support bigotry and hatred in any level… I don’t care who you are… If you are prejudiced against any group for reasons other then being against their of evil or criminal reasons, (i,e… I am prejudice against bigotry and hatred,) then you are my enemy!

But rather you are Muslim, Mexican, French, German, or Chinese, Black, White, Male or Female… No matter who you are… If you are good law abiding people who are just trying to do right for yourself, for your friends, for your family and your planet… You have my respect!

Now the reason I mention this is because the belief that the President of the United States recently made public, that he feels that racism, bigotry, and hatred in all of it’s seeming forms (except for Muslim terrorists, and the drug cartels of Mexico.) I don’t support those comments on any level (short of being against middle east terrorism and the drug cartels.) And this opinion is not supported by the people at Hell In Space, or any of it’s subsidiary groups!

Now that is the negative side of it… The positive side to this review, is in the words that Michael Jackson sang in quite a few of the songs that he did over the span of his life… And so where as the President’s belief’s in bigotry, racisim and hatred may currently be mainstream… I wanted to give a review for Michael Jackson’s song, ‘The Man In The Mirror’… A song that promotes community, and harmony for everyone on this planet!

This song was very relevant when it came out in the 1980s… And with the leader of the United States Of America supporting racisim bigotry and hatred… This song that promotes community, and the belief that literally everyone has the right to exist on the planet is more improtant then ever! And it is set to music that I personal have to say that I do rather enjoy!