Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 1 – Episode 1 (1993) – TV Episode Review

Ok, So I know that most people who generally follow this blog will probably find this to be rather quite weird, doing a review for an episode for a kids TV show… But where at the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers probably still quite appeals to children, at some point the change over happened, where the kids who first started watching this show are now adults… This series is starting to appeal to some adults (like myself…)

With that said, I thought that it might be kind of fun to do a review for the first episode of the popular TV series, ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’! Episode: Day Of The Dumpster!

Written by: Tony Oliver (A Dark Night), Shuki Levy (Chappi) & Directed by: Adrian Carr (Blood Makes Noise) &  Strathford Hamilton (Temptation). Starring Austin St. John (Steps Toward The Sun), Thuy Trang (The Crow: City Of Angels), Walter Jones (Chronicle), Amy Jo Johnson (Magma: Volcanic Disaster), David Yost (LadyKiller), Paul Schrier (Steps Toward The Sun), Jason Narvy (Gideon’s Frontier), David J. Fielding (Empire Earth), Romy J. Sharf (The Item),  Richard Genelle (The Death Merchant) & Barbara Goodson (Akira).

“Teleport to us five overbearing and over-emotional humans.” – Zordon (A quote from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Episode: ‘Day Of The Dumpster’ (1993).)

Ok, so the truth is, is this is mostly a no brainer series with a ton of fun action, with the series having about 3 quarters of it’s episodes having interesting story lines to it… This episode unfortunately really is more for the kiddies than it is for the adults.

But this episode does tell the story of how a couple of astronauts, whom while on the moon discover a sort of trash can looking thing there. When they open it though, out pops Rita Repulsa (Played by: Barbara Goodson) and her henchmen, who had been trapped in there centuries ago by Zordon (Played by: David J. Fielding) at the end of a climactic battle that trapped Rita and her evil minnions in the dumpster and Zordon in between dimensions.

When Rita is freed though, Zordon and Alpha 5 (Played by: Romy J. Sharf) come back to life, and call upon the powers of the Morphin Grid to bring 5 teens to take over the power of the Dino-Morphers… Five coins that imbue their hosts with the power of the dinosaurs that inhabit those coins (which was probably when these coins were created.)

Zordon and Alpha 5 call Jason Lee Scott (Played by Austin St. John), Trini Kwan (Played by: Thuy Trang), Zack Taylor (Played by: Walter Jones), Kimberly Hart (Played by: Amy Jo Johnson) & Billy Cranston (Played by: David Yost).

All five of these teens are friends in Angel Grove California, and are called to stop Rita Repulsa and her first set of problems that she will create on the poor citizens of that unfortunate town!

In the end, this show and this episode is for the kids… For adults… If you like action, if you like some times mindless entertainment that you can turn on and leave on in the background… This episode is for you… But keep up with it… Believe it or not… This show does have it’s dead episodes for adults… But it also has some pretty decent ones as well!