My Theory On The Amityville Horror

This house is probably one of the most infamous houses of all time!

Now I have been a fan of the Amityville Horror movies and novel since I was a kid.  I have seen just about everything on the subject what may or may not have happened… And where as it is true that I believe that there are some things beyond this world that people don’t fully understand yet… I am not entirely convinced that is what happened here.

Before I continue I should say that I am not one of those doubters who absolutely refuses to believe what happened to the Lutz family, I am one who believes something happened there, but was different then what was reported!

Do I believe that the house there is haunted… I believe it very well could be. But I don’t think that it is the demon entity that has been seen in the movies. I think it was the DeFeo family haunting their final home… And I suspect it was alot more benign that what people claim.

Ronald Defeo Jr. started off the legend of the house when he killed his entire family…

Now before I continue, I should tell you that the Amityville Horror definitely happened before the events that drove the Lutz family out… You see, Ronald DeFeo Jr. one late night shot and murdered his entire family… And when he got caught he claimed that Demons made him do it… He was strung out alot… Pretty certain that it wasn’t demons!

Then I imagine one day after the Lutz bought the house… A few minor strange things probably happened, and after George Lutz talked to Ronald DeFeo Jr’s lawyer one night.  A scheme was hatched, that turned what was probably the imaginings of a drug addict murderer in to a world wide phenomen that still entertains audiences all over the world today!

Now rather or not you believe what really happened… You have to admit the story maybe sad, but the movies are pretty entertaining!