Never Stop Writing… You Might Regret It!

Never stop writing!

Ok, so one of the things that I have come up against recently is the basic fact that when it comes to writing… I am a writer!

I know that may seem dumb to say…. You maybe scratching your head wondering why this guy is saying what he is saying… Well I am not loosing it… I do have a point to all of this… I am getting to it…

So besides writing, one of my many other jobs is building websites (check out Strack Web Design for some of the work I have done recently,) as a matter of fact… Not only have I designed this site… But I have designed several other sites as well!

Anyway recently I have not been writing anything at all, (That is why this is one of my first blog in the last few months.) Well in the last week or so I have found myself just absolutely craving a new writing project!  Rather it be writing another blog or article for Hell In Space, writing a listing for, ‘The Hell In Space Store‘ or just doing some sort of writing!

And so I finally decided that I had to get everything back up and running, and dive back in to the wonderful world of blogging, article writing, etc…

No matter what it is, never stop writing!

And you know what?  This maybe my first blog in a few months, but I am simply enjoying every minute of this!  So I say to you this!  Write! Don’t stop… Even if you are writing a page on paper that you will later commit to the computer… Write!

Things come up, life comes up… Don’t let that stop you! This world is harsh, this world is cold… This world is designed to ensure that most of us fail absolutely miserably!

So if your dream is to write, then WRITE! Never stop… Write a paragraph or two on the McDonalds napkin from your meal and add it in to your story later… If you are a mother or a father and have family obligations… Do those, (Family is one of the top 3 most important things ever in my opinion,) but after you are done spending time with your family, get a portable tape player or some sort of mobile recording device and get your thoughts down so that you can add them to your work later.

I guess what I am trying to say is this… Write! Things comes up, don’t let them stop you… Obligations some times take priority… Follow through on your obligations… But no matter what you need to do… Write!  If that is your dream and goal in life… Don’t let life stop you… Let life help you! Because if you stop,  you may never start again, and if you never start again, you might regret it later!

Don’t let being a writer be one of those unfinished tasks that you regret in life! Live your life and live your dreams, you will be glad you did!