Night Of The Living Dead (1968) – Movie Review

Night Of The Living Dead… What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Does it have a great case of amazing and talented B Horror/Sci-fi actors? Of course!  As a matter of fact, I would go so far as to say that the moment Duane Jones (Vampires), Judith O’Dea (October Moon), Karl Hardman (Santa Claws), Marilyn Eastman (Houseguest), Keith Wayne (Living Dead), Judith Ridley (Their’s Always Vanilla) did this movie, they cemented their places in history forever!

I mean even Kyra Schon (Dayplanner Of The Dead), has become one of the most recognizable kids in horror with the creepy visage of a little girl as a zombie in this movie that is plastered everywhere!

Is the story for Night Of The Living Dead great? Hell yeah! I mean this story told of how George A. Romero’s zombie apocalypse began! And how at the beginning of all this, groups of people end up barricading themselves in a farm house in the hopes of waiting out the Zombie Apocalypse!

Now I could say that the special effects are awesome! And the truth is, is that for 1968, the special effects for this movie are absolutely amazing!  What really put this all togther honestly is the vision that George A. Romero (Martin) created with the work of this amazing cast and crew!


Well they may not have gotten Barbara… But….

What I mean by this is the fact that honestly if it wasn’t for the vision of this king of the zombie movies, whose work could be said to have influenced the modern Zombie franchise… I think having everything he had would not have been the same without him…  That is not to say that that everyone attached to the film wasn’t brilliant… Because they were legendary! But with George A. Romero this movie became a legend in the field! And I honestly think if some one else had tried to make it… It would have been a different film!

“They’re coming for you, Barbara!” – A quote from Night Of The Living Dead (1968)!

This movie and the subsequent 3 sequel are so popular that they have all been remade or remastered at least once!  So check this one out!  George A. Romero put together an amazing film! And although with his passing, Mr. Romero will be missed… But a little piece of him will live on in the films that made him a legend!