Nine Inch Nails: Piggy (1994) – Song Review

A weird image, but it so aptly describes this song!

Ok… So as most of you already know, when I was a kid, I was a bit of a nerd when it came to music… I was a huge fan of more easy listening type of songs… That was till a friend of mine introduced me to heavy metal!

That’s right folks! I was at a friends house, and I started listening to songs from Metallica, from Ozzy, and eventually got to listening to the Downward Spiral by Nine Inch Nails! And one of their songs… Which was one of my favorites then and is still one of my favorites is: Piggy!

A fantastic album and a great song!

Written by Trent Reznor for Nothing, TNT and Interscope… This song has is very symbolic of the 1990s heavy metal scene… What I mean by that is this… Alot of what makes heavy metal today is Speed Metal, or Death Metal… That type of music is good… But unless you are practically Einstein at those genres I will be honest and say you are problably going to sound like you are either just shouting… Or rambling incoherently!

90s heavy metal, which had a strong surrealist gothic sort of feel to me seemed like it took the darkest parts of 17th century operas and concerts… And gave them a 20th century feel (a brilliant sound if you haven’t heard it yet…)

Anyway I am just as impressed with them now as I was then… So if you haven’t heard this song… I highly recommend listening to it! It is absolutely amazing! And I think you might like it as well!