The Outer Limits… A Pioneer Of Sci-Fi & Horror On TV

A great show that pioneered horror and sci-fi on the small screen!

That’s right folks… Most of you modern day horror and science fiction enthusiasts that are just starting to enjoy all that these awesome genre’s have to offer are probably enjoying the likes of, ‘American Horror Story’, ‘Supernatural’, or even the multiple super hero tv series that are out there these days… But before these shows became the hot ticket item…  There is a show that pioneered how most if not all horror and science fiction is today on the small screen! That being, ‘The Outer Limits!”

Now by today’s standards, I imagine that a lot of people watching The Outer Limits would probably see this series as being cheap, with cheap special effects, funny acting, and odd storylines… But that is what made this series great!

What I mean by this… Ok, let’s take the modern over CGI’d monster movies that tend to take out that element of, ‘The Monster being the monster,’ being the monster look… A great example of this being the problem with the over CGI’d look of the Vampires from, ‘I am Legend’, the movie with Will Smith… Killed the movie for me!

I mean honestly guys, this guy is supposed to be a Vampire, not a Zombie!

The effects may some times look campy… But the monster is going to be the monster! You can tell… And the way the monster looks, surrounding the imagery of the vision from the Director makes it truly scary!

Now lets talk about the story lines… Well you have to be able to suspend your disbelief in horror and sci-fi anyway… And if you can do that for this show… I guarentee you, you will have something you are truly going to love!

And finally, as for acting… Like The Twilight Zone… A ton of great actors, including: Robert Culp (Everybody Loves Raymond), Robert Duvall (The Godfather), Martin Landau (Entourage) and so much more! So if you are going in to this thinking there are some bad actors in this series… Trust me, there isn’t!

Anyway, if you haven’t seen this show, give it a try! It helped make modern horror and sci-fi what it is today!

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