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  • Planet OF The Apes (1968) – Movie Review

    Planet OF The Apes (1968) – Movie Review

    Planet Of The Apes tells the amazing tale of a group of astronauts led by Colonel George Taylor (Heston), from modern day Earth who while they are in a sort of a hyper sleep aboard their spaceship as it travels through space, end up waking up when their ship crash lands on some sort of a planet…


  • Bloodstorm (2012) – Movie Review

    Bloodstorm (2012) – Movie Review

    This movie, which tells the tale of how an American research team runs up against the last bastion of the Nazi Party in Antarctica, only to discover that they are more or less a group of Zombie-esque remnants of SS Soldiers that Dr. Josef Mengele (Karl Johnson) has kept alive, and as he continues to attempts to keep the last of Hitler’s soldiers alive long enough to resurrect Hitler and reclaim the Third Reich, for their new, Fourth Reich, he will need a continuous re-supply of body parts, but how does he get them?


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