Planet OF The Apes (1968) – Movie Review

I would be surprised if anyone on this planet has not heard of the, Planet Of The Apes movie series in some capacity at this point! I mean after all there was a prequel to the first movie that was released a while back with, James Franco (Spider-Man) called, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes (2011)!

But for those of you newbies to the series who probably got their start watching the latest movie, but have yet to catch up with the classic original series…

Well before James Franco did his prequel, and even before Mark Wahlberg (The Perfect Storm) did his remake of the original movie, Charlton Heston (Soylent Green), did an awesome job in the first, (and still in my opinion the best of the series), movie just simply called, Planet Of The Apes (1968)!

Written by: Michael Wilson (A Place In The Sun), Rod Serling (The Twilight Zone), and Directed by: Franklin L. Schaffner (Patton). Starring: Charlton Heston, Kim Hunter (A Street Car Named Desire), Roddy McDowall (Deadly Game), Maurice Evans (Rosemary’s Baby), James Whitmore (The Shawshank Redemption), Linda Harrison (Cocoon) and Woodrow Parfrey (Dirty Harry).


Planet Of The Apes tells the amazing tale of a group of astronauts led by Colonel George Taylor (Heston), from modern day Earth who while they are in a sort of a hyper sleep aboard their spaceship as it travels through space, end up waking up when their ship crash lands on some sort of a planet…

Of course when they first disembark, they don’t think much of the planet (as it seems like mostly a lifeless world (despite the breathable atmosphere…

So the crew sets out in search of shelter and food and the like (since their ship is now under water and currently unsalvageable…) As they are walking though, they come to discover certain interesting facts about their new planet… Like the fact that it looks like Man is an Animal and Apes reign supreme!

This crew gets that harsh dose of reality when they (and a group of savage humans end up being chased by a group of Apes that are trying to hunt them down and capture them!)

After they are captured, the survivors of the ship are taken to different areas where one of them is lobotomized, the other is killed and stuffed and sent to the Apes Museum, and the last one (Colonel Taylor) is left alive when he begins to not only demonstrate that he is intelligent, but that he can talk as well…

He demonstrates this to Dr. Cornelius (McDowall), and Zira (Hunter), who decide to protect him from a world where Apes treat mankind as the specimens! And now it will be up to Cornelius, Zira, and Taylor to get Taylor to safety before the rest of the Ape world gets the chance to destroy him! Because in a world like, the Planet Of The Apes, Taylor, is going to find out a truth about himself and mankind that will change both mankind and Apes in such a way that neither species will ever forget!

Now if that hasn’t got you interested yet, than let me tell you this.

A: Unfortunately just about everyone from this movie is dead… And it is a true shame, because the talent that was brought to this movie is unparalleled in how truly fantastic of a job that everyone did!

B: Unfortunately I have not had the chance to read the book that this movie is based off of… Before I continue on here, let me say this (most movies that are based on books that I have seen are usually not as good,) so I have to assume that if what I just mentioned holds true in regards to, The Planet Of The Apes, then the book will be mind-blowingly amazing!

C: The last thing that I wanted to say about this movie is this… I thought the special effects in this movie were amazing… Sure there were some campy moments in the special effect (but that was still good in my opinion… I mean after all it was the 60s…) But in the end, this movie had some of the best special effects that have come out of that era (short of Ray Harrhausen of course… But then again, he did set the standard back then…)

In the end, this movie for me was definitely worth the watch and could be for you as well!