Power Rangers (2017) – Movie Review

When I was a teenager Saban came out with a TV series, ‘VR Troopers’… It was a good show, it was the last of that type of show that I would ultimately end up watching for quite a few years… But the direct successor series to that show was Saban’s, ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’.

It was an amusing mostly kids action series that told various stories of teenagers who would take on the mantle of, ‘Rangers’, and fight against, (at least from what I can tell,) are various intergalactic bad guys that come to their town to do battle.

Now this show, which was based on a Japanese series, has become, in America, one of the longest running series of it’s type, having very soon, ‘25’ seasons under it’s belt!

Well last year an interesting, slightly more adult themed big screen adaption of the first series was made,  that albeit a little odd, is quite fun! That movie being, Power Rangers (2017)!

Written by: John Gatins (Real Steel) & Directed by: Dean Israelite (Battle Los Angeles). Starring: Dacre Montgomery (Better Watch Out), Naomi Scott (Aladdin), R.J. Cyler (White Boy Rick), Ludi Lin (Monster Hunt), Becky G (Hotel Transylvania), Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games), Bryan Cranston (Total Recall) & Bill Hader (Men In Black 3).

“It’s morphin’ time.” – A quote from the movie, Power Rangers (2017).

Ok, so this movie tells a slightly different version of the original story. In this story Zordon (Played by: Bryan Cranston), is an Alien that fought Rita Repula (Played by Elizabeth Banks), on the Planet Earth in the hopes of stopping her from being to greedy and attempting to take the piece of the Zeo Crystal that gave life to the Planet.

Well Zordon and his team end up loosing-the-war and in a last-ditch bid, Zordon hides the power morphers, and tells Alpha 5 to basically send down the astroid (I suspect it is the one that ended up destroying the dinosaurs.)

Well after several millennia, the small fishing village of, ‘Angel Grove’ grows up around the ancient battle site… And instead of being a bunch of stellar good kids who love martial arts like in the TV show.

Trini, Zach, Jason, Kimberly and Billy are all breakfast club style kids who end up meeting and becoming friends in detention, ‘Jason’ (Played by: Dacre Montgomery) is a former High School quarter back who ends up in trouble with the law and looses everything, Kimberly (Played by Naomi Scott), is an angry former cheerleader, Zach (Played by Ludi Lin) is a loner with a sick mom, Trini (Played by: Becky G) is an angry teen that gets moved from place to place, and finally, ‘Billy’ (Played by: R.j. Cyler) is a an autistic genius!

They are the unlikiest of friends who end up really stepping up the save the planet, when they discover their destinies as, ‘Power Rangers’, at the same time that Rita ends up being resurrected!

In the end, I actually have grown to kind of enjoy the tv series… And so in some ways it was hard to differentiate the two, but the truth is, is that it was cool to see a more darker setting and characters, I though the armor could have been better, and I thought the Mega Zord could have been more well thought out (I liked the actual Zords themself.)

But other wise, the movie is fun! It is not an edge of your seat thrill ride like it is trying to be… But it is something that I enjoyed watching and I think you might to!