Predator (1987) – Movie Review

A fantastic classic!

Ok, so before Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Terminator) became the, ‘Governator’ he was this huge actions/sci-fi star that had a ton of great movies that he released between the early 1980s, and roughly the mid 2000, (He has been in some good movies lately, but nothing like the movies that came out before his tenure as the, ‘Governator’!)

With that said, there are a couple of movie series that he sort of technically helped to begin that are still running to this day, one of them being, ‘The Terminator’ (A series that he recently returned to,) ‘Conan: The Barbarian’ (A series that is about to be brought back to life,) and, ‘Predator’ (A series that may not have seen him back in since the beginning, but still a great series!)

And we will get in to, ‘Terminator’, but the one that I wanted to discuss today that I think actually is a pretty awesome movie is, Predator (1987)!

A great poster!

Written by:: Jim Thomas (Mission To Mars), John Thomas (Batman: Dead End) and Directed by: John McTiernan (Die Hard). Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers (Rocky), Elpidia Carrillo (Solaris), Bill Duke (Battledogs), Jesse Ventura (The Running Man), Sonny Landham (Mental Scarls) & Richard Chaves (War Of The Worlds).

“You’re one… ‘ugly’ motherfucker!” – Dutch (A quote by Arnold Schwarzenegger from, Predator (1987)!)

Now one of the great things about this movie is it’s timeless story, you see this movies tells the story of Dutch (Schwarzenegger) and a group of soldiers who are sent in to the central American jungle on a rescue mission, when they end up encountering more the they bargain for!

Dutch and his team…

You see, they had been sent out on what they believed was going to be a rescue mission, but in this case what they literally, ‘don’t know’ is definitely going to kill them, when these highly trained hunter/killers, become the prey for an unseen warrior!

In the end, this is one trip in to the jungle that these fearless warriors are never going to forget!

Now as far as this movie goes, I have to say that it is timeless… I mean seriously, if you want a fantastic man vs. alien film, you really can’t get much better then this… I mean even the few plot holes that are in this movie don’t detract from how awesome it is!