Psycho (1960) – Movie Review

In the 1950s in Wisconsin there was a serial killer by the name of, ‘Ed Gein’ who lived alone on a huge farm, and was more or less obsessed with his mother to the point where he started tipping over the edge when she died.

Then a few years after Gein’s arrest, author Robert Bloch would go on to write a novel that was loosely based on the, ‘Gein’ case called, ‘Psycho’.

Then in 1960, the true master of suspense, ‘Alfred Hitchcock’ (Rear Window) went on to make a little movie for Universal Pictures that would go on the become one of the most prolific movies in both the thriller genre and the horror genre, and that was based on Bloch’s novel called, Psycho (1960)!

Written by: Joseph Stefano (Psycho 4: The Beginning) and Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock. Starring: Anthony Perkins (The Black hole), Vera Miles (The Searchers), John Gavin (Spartacus), Janet Leigh (Halloween: H20) and Martin Balsam (Cape Fear).

Psycho tells the story of Marion Crane (Leigh) who comes across $40 thousand dollars one day when a person who is about to buy a house from the real estate company that she works for drops the cash on Marion’s desk, and Marion’s boss asks her to take it to the companies safety deposit box!

Now Marion has a boyfriend that she loves very much by the name of, ‘Sam’ who lives in Fairvale California (while Marion lives in Phoenix Arizona). Sam unfortunately due to his debts can’t move in with Marion, and won’t let Marion movie in with him (due to the fact that he more or less basically has a tiny room in the back of his shop!

So Marion decides to steal the $40 thousand and takes off for Fairvale to be with the man of her dreams and help pay off his debts!

After some fear of being caught by the California Highway Patrol, Marion decides to stop off at the local Bates Motel, where she meets the slightly odd but nice enough Motel Manager who lives with his mother, by the name of Norman Bates (Perkins).

Now after some slightly weird but mostly genial conversation and a dinner of sandwiches, with Norman, and discovers that she may have made a mistake in stealing that money. Marion heads off to her own room to get ready for bed, in preparation for heading back to Phoenix to face the music!

While she is in the shower, ‘Mrs. Bates’ decides to show her dislike for Marion by barging in to her room and murdering her in what would become one of the most famous shower murder scenes in movie history!

Well with Marion and the $40 thousand dollars missing, a Private Detective by the name of, ‘Milton Arbogast’ (Martin Balsam) is hired to find Marion and retrieve the money. While Marion’s sister, ‘Lila’ (Miles) just wants to find her sister!

Now this movie truly is not only an iconic movie in the horror and thriller genres! But this movie is one of the most recognizable movies in the history of Cinema!