Re-Animator (1985) – Movie Review

So when I was still married my ex and I ironically had very similar tastes in movies… We both loved action movies, westerns, and even science fiction movies! But one type of movie that she and I could never really agree on was the horror movie genre!

So much so, that when I invited her to a play I was doing for, ‘Night Of The Living Dead’ she came and told me she did not like the play or my performance in it… Now I didn’t take it personally because she just was not a fan of the horror movie genre… So when she was the one that recommended that we watch a movie like, Re-Animator (1985) I have to say that I was surprised!

I was surprised because it is a fun movie, but it is gory… And I didn’t think that she would like it… But when she recommended that we watch that on one of our date nights… What could I say? I hadn’t seen that movie yet… So of course I jumped at the chance to watch Re-Animator (1985)!

Written by: Dennis Paoli (Dagon), William Norris (Restoration), Stuart Gordon (Stuck) & Directed by: Stuart Gordon. Starring: Jeffrey Combs (Fortress), Bruce Abbott (Interzone), Barbara Crampton (From Beyond) & David Gale (The Guyver).

“I know your work, Dr. Hill. Quite well. Your theory on the location of the will in the brain is… interesting. Though derivative of Dr. Gruber’s research in the early 70s. So derivative in fact in Europe it’s considered plagiarized.” – Herbert West (A quote from Jeffrey Combs in the movie, Re-Animator (1985).

In this H.P. Lovecraft tale, Herbert West (Played by: Jeffrey Combs) is a scientist who has discovered a fluid which brings dead tissue back to life. After the suspicious death of his professor in Switzerland, West moves to Miskatonic University to continue his research. He involves fellow student Dan Cain (Played by: Bruce Abbott) and his fiancée Megan Halsey (Played by: Barbara Crampton) in his research by experimenting on their dead cat. Dan, fascinated by West’s research, agrees to smuggle him into the hospital morgue with predictable results.

In the mid to late 80s there was a growing trend of horror comedy movies that often times had to do with Zombies, Return Of The Living Dead (1985)… And you know what, they are a ton of fun… And Re-Animator is one of them!

This movie also helped raise people like Jeffrey Combs (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) in to becoming a horror movie legend!

Any way, if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend checking it out! This movie is a ton of fun and I enjoyed it, and I think you will as well!