Read A Book? Watch A Movie? How Do I Decide

In this age where we are just saturated with an unbelievable amount of entertainment possiblities, the question is how do I decide? Am i right?

Have you ever been in that position where you are spending a quiet night at home and you are wondering rather you should read a good book or watch a movie… or maybe play video games?

Well I have certainly had it more then a time or 2 and I can tell you that it can be a bit of a problem in this age of inflated entertainment! So I am just going to give you a few ideas of what you are getting in to, and you can decide from there!

Now, before I begin, I should say this… That in older generations, entertainment, was either physical, (sports and the like,) or challeneged your imagination, (like with reading a good book…) Which brings us back to the whole concept of reading a good book!

Now honestly, if you had to choose between watching to much TV or playing to many video games, or reading to much… I would have to say that an overabundance of reading would probably be the best way to go… I mean have you ever just sat that there for hour after endless hour watching TV… And sometimes some of the stupidest shit possible? Well trust me, I have, and I know other people who have, and I can tell you that it is like a sedative… It is almost like it will put you to sleep!

Reading helps stimulate the imagination, it helps you get more involved with what your entertainment is, you can sit there for many hours reading a good book and get up and just feel intense breathlessness like you were actually battling the aliens in the story, (or what have you…)

And now for movies… Now you might be thinking that, that I am knocking movies, but the truth is, is that I am not!  I love movies!

A good movie can transport you to a world you never thought was possible…. It can provide thrills and chills, or send  you back to a past that you never knew about otherwise, or even educate you about the planet! Or hell, you could be transported to a whole realm of potential futures!

But if you over due it with movies… It is like exercise, if you don’t move around… You are going to eventually get flabby and weak! And unlike reading, to much binge watching actually can be detremental as you are really not working out much of anything!

Now I am going to say that I love both reading and watching movies… If you haven’t read anything in awhile, then I would recommend reading a good book… But if you are in the middle of a good book and are an active reader, then I would highly recommend watching a fun movie! Both are great if taken in moderation!