Red Planet Mars (1952) – Movie Review

I gotta be honest and admit that most Science Fiction/Horror Movies don’t generally tend to have very great messages on the global level! (Sci-Fi movies tend to more often the horror movies do.)

And speaking of Science Fiction movies and the messages that they give, the Science Fiction movies that have to do with contact with Aliens tend so far in my opinion tend to give the more fascinating of messages…

What I mean by this is the examples of Independence Day (1996) ultimately had to do with the concept that our first contact with another race would be hostile, but through that hostility on a global level, that mankind would ultimately find there reason to finally end the hatred that the world has experienced!

Another example of this is the Star Trek series… In this Star Trek Universe Zefram Cochrane will around the end of the 2060s discover faster-than-light (warp) travel, and after testing his new engine, comes in to contact with the Vulcan race, and after the first contact between humanity and the Vulcans, all of Earth’s problems disappear within the next 50 years!

Now that is just one example of a first contact between an Alien race and humanity that had went really well! The next one, and the subject of this review that I saw recently and had found to be rather interesting is, Red Planet Mars (1952):

Written by: John L. Balderston (Dracula), Anthony Vieller (The Stranger) and Directed by: Harry Horner (Vicki). Starring: Peter Graves (Mission Impossible), Andrea King (The Lemon Drop Kid), Herbert Berghof (Cleopatra), Walter Sande (To Have And Have Not) and Marvin Miller (Dead Reckoning).

Red Planet Mars… Now this movie truly is a different one… You see Mankind for decades have been wondering what it might be like if we were able to make first contact with an advanced Alien race, and some believe that when mankind can finally make a permanent foot hold in the cosmos that, that will finally be able to unify us as a species in a way that has never been scene!

Well Red Planet Mars posits at least one of these scenarios, you see just at the beginning of the atomic age, when most of the world is divided between the communist countries of the Warsaw Pact, and the western allies, an American Scientist by the name of Harry Cronyn (Graves) and his wife, ‘Linda’ (King) are about to make contact with the Aliens that inhabit the planet Mars!

Once they are able to do so, the world rejoices at first, but as more and more messages come, these messages begin to affect more and more of the free world, until the Western world is on the verge of collapse!

Now during this time, the Russians are also intercepting all of the messages going back and forth… And are beginning to look toward capitalizing on their falling enemies… That is until the Aliens begin sending messages that mankind should follow a message of love and peace for everyone on the planet Earth.

This brings mankind to the brink of seriously beginning to be able to create a Utopian civilization on Earth… But like all great tragedies, Franz Kalder (Berghof), a former Nazi, that has been working for the Soviets has a secret about the Alien signals, and if he lets his secret go, can change the fate of the world forever! So Dr. Cronyn and his wife will have to make a sacrifice that will change the course of their lives forever if they are going to stop Kalder from destroying the world forever!

In the end, the best thing about this movie is the message of togetherness and world unity, either way it is definitely a fun one!