Rob Zombie’s Musical Influence In Movies & TV Shows!

So a lot of people generally tend not to think that the music makes the movie… But I personally think that is not true, I don’t think that the music always makes the movies… But I do from time to time think that the music makes the movie.

What I mean by that is that there are some songs and some musicians that are so perfect to do a song, that sometimes that song almost becomes an integral part of the movie! A couple of great examples are&

1. Psycho Killer, by James Hall, for the movie: Psycho (1998).

2. Klling In The Name, by Rage Against The Machine, which was apart of the soundtrack for the movie: The Matrix (1998).

3. House Of 1000 Corpses, by Rob Zombie for the movie of the same name!

And speaking of Rob Zombie… Well believe it or not, Rob Zombie has been spending decades influencing the musical choices for movies that have been released over the years!

Now you wouldn’t think it, but between both TV and movies, Rob Zombie’s music has been helping set the mood for a bunch of both TV shows and movies, having also done a song for the remake of, ‘Psycho’, as well as having done music for TV shows such as Psych!

Rob Zombie’s music has been in movies and TV series for so long that he has been doing music for TV and movies in the early 90s when he was still in, ‘White Zombie’ with such songs as, ‘Thunder Kiss ‘65’ that he did for a previous album around that time… But was used in the TV show, ‘Beavis And Butthead’, in the classic episode, ‘Yogurts Cool’ from back in 1993!

Over the years songs he has made for albums or for movies have also popped up in some of the most classic TV series and movies such as, Urban Legends (1998), The X-Files and so much more!

Now before I end off here, the last thing that I thought I would mention here is the fact that besides Rob Zombie being an amazing musician who has helped define a ton of Science Fiction and Horror movie music. He is also some one who has in the last couple of decades has made a real effort to establish himself as a solid horror movie director, and I am going to say that he did a pretty solid jobs with some classic, movies as Halloween (2007), House Of 1,000 Corpses (2003) and even both of their sequels!

I thought that you guys out there that are not very familiar with his work, might enjoy these trailers for his movies and these music videos for some of his more classic songs!