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Robot Overlords (2014) – Sci-Fi Movie Review

One kid who is escaping his Robot Overlord!

So being a child of the 90s, one of the shows that I grew up following religiously… A show that helped to define me as a sci-fi nut is the TV show, ‘The X-Files’!

Now for those of you who don’t know what this show is about an FBI Agent, (Dana Scully) who is assigned to a backward investigatory area of the FBI that is run by one of the FBI’s greatest profilers, ‘Fox Mulder’!

The intention behind this, is for Dana Scully to debunk Mulder’s work and essentially to destroy the efforts of Mulder to investigate the files known as, ‘The X-Files’! But what both Mulder and Scully end up uncovering is a conspiracy that will change the lives of everyone on Earth forever!

Fox Mulder and Dana Scully in, ‘The X-Files’… A true classic of the 90s!

Now this show starred David Duchovny (Phantom) as, ‘Fox Mulder’ and Gillian Anderson (UFO) as, ‘Dana Scully’!

Gillian Anderson, she is just some one that pops up on my radar all of the time… She pops up in movies I am watching, she pops up in TV shows that I have been known to watch, (Last year I got in to the series, ‘The Fall’) which she was in… And as I am wrapping up, ‘Hannibal’ she is also in that!

She is a pretty awesome actress, and really kind of carries the film: Robot Overlord (2014) as well!

Written by: Mark Stay (Robot Warlords), Jon Wright (Tormented). Starring: Gillian Anderson, Ben Kingsley (Iron Man 3), Callan McAuliffe (I Am Number Four), Ella Hunt (Anna And The Apocalypse), James Tarpey (True Horror), Milo Parker (Mr. Holmes) & Craig Garner (Jupiter Ascending).

This is the interesting tale of an alien invasion, and how the human race lost… And went home under guard… And have just honestly never left! They were never really allowed to!

You see the Aliens that invaded this planet were a group of computers and robots and the like. They had come with the intention of gathering up every ounce of information they could get! But their methods they have kept from the humans they have conquered!

One of the Robot Overlords with their human collaborator!

But when one set of people in the English country side figure out away to get rid of the trackers that are embedded in their necks… They decide to go out after years of being in doors and see what the rest of the world is like now that they are no longer in control!

And what they find out? Well it not only will change their lives forever, but may actually force the robot overlords off our planet once and for all!

The only human on Earth who seems to be able to control the robots!

Ok… So for the bad stuff… This is a British film… And I like films from the UK, but the truth is, is sometimes the vision of directors over there can be a bit different then what we are used to… And there are a few points where in the movie that were like that… A few slow points where I began to loose interest.

Also… I have to admit… Having such a power house as, ‘Ben Kinglsey’ in such a week role, was a bit overkill in my opinion…

But other then that, this movie is a ton of fun, with some great acting from the kids in this movie… And as always Ms. Anderson does a great job in this role as she does in all of them!

The special effects in this movie is pretty brilliant to… But the thing I think maybe the greatest is the story… It does have that B-Movie feel, but it does it in a ‘A-List’ fashion!

Anyway, I won’t say anymore… Check it out! It is well worth it!

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