Rock ‘N Roll Racing (1993) – Video Game Review

A classic game, no matter what system you’re playing it on! 

Ok so here is an interesting one… You might say that this particular review is a first for me… What I mean by that is that this is the first time I have been in a position to write to different reviews for the same video games on two different systems! 

Now before I go on, I should probably explain this… Well, simply put, (and this has been a pretty common practice amongst video game makers,) but essentially video game makers will have a tendency not to particularly favor any one particular video game system for the release of their latest video game… As a matter of fact, some video games will end up being released on several different video game systems! 

And you know what, so far, every video game system that I have played Rock ‘N Roll Racing (1993) on has rocked… And the Sega Genesis is definitely one of them!

Have fun racing your friends with the carnage that we all know and love!

I recently got to try out this game for the system and I have to say that this game truly was as much fun on the Sega Genesis as it was when I got to play it as a kid on the Super Nintendo! I mean don’t get me wrong, technologically, this game is pretty ancient, but ancient is not always bad! 

It still has it’s generally easy as hell controls, a great story line,and some fun digitally created music that is based on some of classic rocks greatest hits! The only thing that I didn’t like about this game is that the transfer rate between both Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo had pretty much only one fatal flaw… 

The sound may have been good, but the sound in the Sega Genesis just was not as good… There was some distortion (but that seemed to be common with some of the games that were on multiple systems.)

The sound may not have been as good, but the game is still extremely well worth it!
Anyway, for you new gamers, I do think you will enjoy this game as much, but for you gamers growing up with this game, I think you are going to freaking love this walk down memory lane!

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