Rod Serling Scares His Actors In The Twilight Zone – Horror On The Small Screen

Rod Serling (Planet Of The Apes), now there is a man who in my opinion really knew his stuff when it came to horror and science fiction! In some ways you could say that he was the, ‘Alfred Hitchcock’ of the small screen! As a matter of fact, I would say with some degree of certainty that episodes of the Twilight Zone such as, ‘Terror at 20,000 feet’ are so prolific that filmmakers and actors are still using the work that was done in these episodes today.

Another thing that I wanted to say is the stories for the episodes that were done for the early Twilight Zone… Were truly amazing! I mean alot of them really kept you on the edge of your seat… And for the amazing talent that they got for this series… Forget about it! Alot of these episodes would put I would say 90% of the modern horror/thriller movies to shame!

And now the question… What if Rod Serling is doing an introduction to the next episode, and it is so scary that it spooks the actresses that are appearing in the first scene? Well to find out, you are going to have to enter… The Twilight Zone!