Ryu Vs. Scorpion… A Great Example Of A Great Crossover Short!

So as I have been writing more and more blogs and reviews about the horror and science fiction genre, I have come across some fan made videos that I will be honest and say are absolute utter garbage… But then again I have seen some that are pretty awesome! And even more with what looks like some real production value!

A great example of this is the, ‘Batman Vs. Darth Vader’ video I found awhile back… I mean you can honestly tell that there is some real production value that went in to making that video!

And this new animated version of, ‘Ryu Vs. Scorpion’, (Ryu being from the Street Fighter Universe and, ‘Scorpion’ being from the, ‘Mortal Kombat’ universe.)

Now I could not read everything (It was all subtitled and for some reason google chrome does not do full screen for me on youtube… But from what I could read, and what I could see, this crossover short was really quite impressive… A well made animated short film, with a cool story and everything!

You know what, I know this one is a rather short blog, but I think i am just gonna let you see it for yourself, it is really quite impressive!