Sci-fi TV Theme Songs Lighter Then, Darker Now

A great show, with a great lighthearted theme song!

A great show, with a great lighthearted theme song!

Ok, so one of the reasons why Gene Roddenberry initially wrote Star Trek and got it on to the air was because at the height of the Cold War, when there was divisions in almost every area, (Race, Religious Expression, Sexual Prefrence, Gender, etc…) And the world was literally on the verge of tearing itself apart… Gene Roddenberry wanted to show the world a future in which mankind, no matter the color of their skin, their gender, where they are from, etc… They could not just work together… But they could live together without any of those issues tearing them to pieces!

Since that time, Sci-if has definitely changed… In a lot of ways, it has become darker/colder… In a lot of ways, the hope factor that was brought to a lot of the older sci-fi shows has basically changed… Has gotten more intense And well even the music is tonally a lot darker!

Now I don’t necessarily mind that… Being a metal head… I kind of enjoy the darker stuff but I thought that I would show you guys some interesting themes and the changes in musical styles! So I hope you enjoy these differences in tone for theme songs in sci-if theme songs!