Scream (1996) – Movie Review

Wes Craven (A Nightmare On Elm Street)… Man that guy was an amazing director… I mean this guy has created such brilliant masterpieces that would later be turned in to series and remake such as: A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984), The Hills Have Eyes (1977) and even, The Last House On The Left (1972)… But the one that I wanted to talk about here is: Scream (1996)!

“What’s your favorite scary movie?” – Ghostface (A quote from the movie: Scream (1996).)

Now this movie, which was written by: Kevin Williamson (The Following) told the story of Sydney Prescott (Played by: Neve Campbell) and her friends who live in a rural sea side town in California…

Sydney Prescott is nothing exceptional… Her friends are your standard upper middle class group of teenagers… The love, they study… They watch movies, etc… etc…

That is until one night when one of their classmates, (Played by: Drew Barrymore) is murdered along with her boyfriend end up being murdered in a style that appears to be similar to the way that people are murdered in slasher films!

Now no one is overly concerned about this at first… Despite the fact that more and more of Sydney and her friend’s classmates are being murdered! But when Sydney herself gets targeted… They do what all teens do in horror movies… The women get on their tightest fitting clothing, and the guys pick them up for a party filled with plenty of teens violating all of the rules to survive a horror movie in a house that is as far one can be away from the town!

And in the end, Sydney is going to find out something about her life and her family’s past that will change her life and the lives of her friends forever!

Now as a teen of the 90s… I have to say this film was brilliant, and still resonates today!  I mean Wes Craven did a brilliant job in this film.  It has a fun story with a twist at the end that you will never see coming.  It has some great 90s talent as well, including besides those who were mentioned above: Skeet Ulrich (Chill Factor), Courney Cox (3000 Miles To Graceland), David Arquette (Eight Legged Freaks), Rose McGowan (Planet Terror), Matthew Lillard (SLC Punk!), & Joseph Whipp (Deadly Games) who played the Deputy in the original, ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’!

And that is just to name a few!

As a matter of fact the only real problem that I had with this film is the fact that this movie was supposed to be a parody of slasher films in general, but Wes Craven did such a good job that you really can’t see the humor!

Anyway, if you haven’t check it out yet, then I highly recommend doing so… It is a ton of fun!