Serials: One Of TVs Ancestors

Rather or not you are a fan of Television or are one of those people that don’t have TV and consider it to be, ‘The idiot box’, TV has, since its creation become one of the great mediums for people to enjoy, rather they are in groups or by themselves!

I mean even the most embittered families can sit down with their TV trays and turn on the TV and find some TV show, to the person who has come home after a hard day at work and sit down to kind of veg out and get his or hers mind off of their problems of the day!

Another side of TV that has also helped bring people all over the world closer together by bringing news from places that people sometimes would have had to wait weeks, months, years or never hear from ever!

Now where does this come from you might be asking yourself… How did the concept of a, ‘TV Show’ come together like it is today?

Well believe it or not in some way the, ‘TV series’ has the, ‘Radio and Movie serials’ to thank for that…

For those of you who don’t know, Radio serials, were essentially the direct ancestor of the Television program, a lot of them having to do with Soap Operas (dramas that oddly enough had been sponsored to appeal to stay at home wife’s and mother’s by actual Soap companies,) and children’s programs, to name a few…

After Radio though, another medium that could be said to be an ancestor to the modern TV program (and which is more a visual representation of what would later become the standard television program) is the Movie Serial.

Probably one of the best legacies of the Movie Serials is how they did their own part in helping with the creation of the modern, (Non- Reality based) TV Show!

Probably one of the best legacies of the Movie Serials is how they did their own part in helping with the creation of the modern, (Non- Reality based) TV Show!

What’s a, ‘movie serial’? well simply put, a movie serial, (which also was called a, ‘Chapter Play’) was, (like TV), a sort of, ‘Movie series’ in which people would go to the Theater (often on Saturday afternoons) to go ahead and see a chapter (or short film) in a series that would be played on the big screen of some sort of awesome, ‘Western’ or the latest exploits of some sort of other Earth bound or non-Earth bound hero.

As a matter of fact some truly classic heroes got their big screen starts in movie serials, (including: Batman and Robin… To name a few!)

Anyway, around the late 40s, early 50s, with the advent of TV and it’s quickly growing popularity, in those early days of TV, one of the direct contributors to TV, and what I am personally certain was what made the standard (non-reality based) TV program what it is today, was the movie serial!

This is evidenced by the fact that often times during the early days of Television that, these Serials were played on TV often times with one Chapter being played each week (which was the standard for TV, until TV shows began hitting syndication while still broadcasting original episodes for that series.)

Also often times these, ‘Chapters’ were often 15 to 20 minutes in length (which most modern smaller episode programs usually are about 22 minutes in length with out commercials.)

In the end, it could be said that Movie Serials, like Radio serials in the end were a direct ancestor to the TV series and frankly to a medium that has been bringing people closer and closer for literally decades!