Silver Bullet (1985) – Horror Movie Trailer

Corey Haim was an amazing talent that really was taken away to soon!

Silver Bullet which was written by: Stephen King (The Stand) & Directed by: David Attias (Miami Vice). Starring: Gary Busey (Point Break), Everett McGill (Twin Peaks), Corey Haim (The Lost Boys). was one of those iconic horror films of the 1980s that helped to redefine a segment the, ‘werewolf’ section of the horror genre!

This movie went well above and beyond the call though. With an amzing cast including. Excellent special effects. A great story line, that was all helped to create a truly terrifying vision from both writer, ‘Stephen King’ and Director, ‘David Attias’!

And because of all that, I thought that well, if you are a fan of the works of a master of horror, ‘Stephen King’, or maybe you are just a horror movie fan… A mouthful right? Well either way, I thought you would enjoy this trailer for the classic movie!

Silver Bullet movie synopsis: The small town of Tarker’s Mills was a place that was very peaceful and quiet town until one night when murders began. The townspeople believe it’s some maniacal killer. Marty, a young handicapped boy, believes the killer is no man at all, but a werewolf. After a run-in with the werewolf, Marty and his sister Jane hunt all over town for the man who is the werewolf.

Trust me when I say that as a movie fan, a critic, and a long time horror fan, this movie is worth it! I hope you enjoyed the trailer and I hope you enjoy the movie!