Sonic Vs. Mario For Hero Of The Mushroom Kingdom & Nintendo’s New Mascot!

In the early 1990s, the competition for the best video game system was very different… Nintendo was still there, (but let’s be honest, Nintendo has always been there, and probably will always be there!) But with that said, it was a very different time… Sony wouldn’t enter in to the world of video games until the late 1990s, and Microsoft… When it came to video games, would be still battling for the top spot with other computer software companies that made computer games.

But in the early 1990s the real competition was, ‘Sega’… And it looked like for the longest time that Sega might win… Every time Nintendo would come out with a game… Sega would come out with a similar but better version of it… For example, Nintendo had, ‘Final Fantasy 4’, Sega had the better more detailed, ‘Phantasy Star 2’.

The big competing characters though between Sega and Nintendo were, ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ for Sega, and, ‘Mario’ of Super Mario Bros. fame for Nintendo!

Well we all know what ultimately ended up happening with the battle between Sega and Nintendo… But every so often people do pretty impressive, ‘VS.’ videos between the two mascots for the two video game companies… And this one I actually thought was so impressive that I thought you guys might enjoy watching this animated short!