Star Trek 2: The Wrath Of Khan (1982) – Movie Review

Official Score = 3 1/2 Devils

Official Score = 3 1/2 Devils

Let me ask you guys a question… Which series do you like better? The original Star Trek series or the rebooted series? For me it is a hard question, because the original series was absolutely truly amazing, and the first rebooted movie was truly awesome as well… But the rebooted part 2… meh…

But the original Star Trek 2 is a freaking awesome movie! It had a great cast of original series actors that include the likes of, William Shatner (Kingdom Of The Spiders), Leonard Nimoy (Invasion Of The Body Snatchers), DeForest Kelley (Night Of The Lepus), James Doohan (The Duke), Walter Koenig (Babylon 5), George Takei (Futurama), Nichelle Nichols (Heroes).

This movie brought in a lot of other great actors as well, including: Merrit Butrick (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Paul Winfield (The Terminator), Kirstie Alley (Cheers) & Richardo Montalban (Battleground).

The smiling face of the man who wanted everything… And ended up with nothing!

You see this movie is actually a continuation of an original series TV episode, when after Captain Kirk (William Shatner) & the crew of the, ‘U.S.S. Enterprise’ maroon a crew of extremely dangerous super men on a planet in the hopes that they can become their own society… They end up breaking free and taking over the Federation Starship, ‘U.S.S. Reliant’…

With revenge in his heart, it will be up to Kirk and crew to come together one more time to stop Khan (Ricardo Montalban) from taking out his revenge on not just Kirk and his crew, but also to the rest of the human race that tried to dump him and his group!

Kirk and crew, when Khan and his followers strand them in an underground paradise.

In the end, this movie is one of my personal favorite of this series, and if you get a chance, I do recommend checking it out, it is well worth it!