Star Trek: Season 1 – Episode 9: ‘Dagger In The Mind’ (1966) – TV Episode Review

Not the greatest episode... but still worth checking out,

Not the greatest episode… but still worth checking out,

Ok, so I know it has been awhile since I have done a review for this series… I have been quite busy, but I thought that I would do one now… Because in truth, no matter how good the new Star Trek is, the old stuff is always gonna be the bar upon which it stands… Well maybe not entirely this episode…

That is, Season 1 – Episode 9: ‘Dagger In The Mind’…

Written by: Shimon Wincelberg (Cold Sweat) & Directed by: Vincent McEveety (K-9). Starring: William Shatner (Kingdom Of The Spiders), Leonard Nimoy (Invasion Of The Body Snatchers) & James Gregory (The Main Event).

“Can you imagine a mind emptied by that thing, without even a tormentor for company?” – Captain Kirk (A quote from Star Trek: The Original Series, Season 1 Episode 9: Dagger ‘In the Mind’!)

Ok so, this episode tells the tale of how when on a re-supply mission to a planet that houses some of the last mentally unbalanced people in the whole of the Galaxy… This planet is Tantalus 5…

Now when they get there, something interesting happens, the head of the institute on this planet, ‘Dr. Tristan Adams’ (Played by: James Gregory), his assistant, by the name of, ‘Simon Van Gelder’ ends up coming up to the ship and requesting asylum!

One of the earliest moments in Star Trek history, when the mind meld is used.

One of the earliest moments in Star Trek history, when the mind meld is used.

Now as he is up there, Dr. Van Gelder begins to act more and more erratically… With that, and the fact that Dr. McCoy is beginning to get suspicious about, with what has been happening down on the planet… Captain Kirk (Played by: William Shatner) and Helen Noel (Played by: Marianna Hill) decide to go down and investiage what has been going on down there… And what they find will change the idea of what it means to literally be, ‘out of your mind’!

Anyway, I mentioned above about this episode not being as good… I mean it was decent enough… I just found it to be relatively unmemorable… And fairly formulaic in how some of these episodes later in the series would turn out… It is not bad, just not great, and definitly worth seeing it, if you haven’t already and are going through the series!